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Originally Posted by De La Rue View Post

1. Did you have US Patent 6,469 (a device for "buoying vessels over shoals")?
2. Are you a friend and confidante of the Shadow?
3. Was your daughter upset over your portrayal in a recently-released movie?
Not Abraham Lincoln (how did you remember the patent number?!?), not Lamont Cranston, and not Bruce Lee (in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which I just saw and enjoyed).

Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
IQ1: Did the Kinks sing about you in 1970?
IQ2: Did Angelina Jolie play you in Tomb Raider?
IQ3: Did Monica Bellucci play you in Spectre?
Not Lola or Lara Croft, and dunno.

Originally Posted by Slow Moving Vehicle View Post
IQ1: Were you engaged to Opus?

IQ2: Are you better known by your Hispanic nickname than your real name, Dolores?

IQ3: Are you an Italian actress, memetically famous as a sex symbol? (Come to think of it, there are two such actresses, so Iíll accept either).
Dunno, dunno, and not Gina Lollibrigida.


1. fictional
2. female
3. last name starts with L
4. by an American author or authors
5. from a work of prose literature
6. created before 1949
7. created after 1900
8. a main character
9. adapted to film or TV
10. probably older than 30
11. Caucasian
12. not from horror/fantasy/science fiction genres
13. created after 1930
14. not adapted to film only
15. not in the mystery genre
16. story does not take place during WWII era
17. not from a children's story
18. not from a novel
19. created before 1940
20. not only adapted to TV
21. story set in the past (that is, the past when the story was published)

That's it for IQs. Please ask all earned DQs by noon EST Friday.