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I will admit to not knowing the backgrounds of the two older ones so I wonít speak to them.

I donít agree with the Bushes or Carter being part of your ďmyth.Ē They were politicians and ran as politicians. Two governors and a Vice President canít pretend to not be politicians. Their other experience was background only. I would never think of any of them as primarily businessman.

Trump and Bloomberg are the ones that fit the bill leaving out others who have tried at lower levels. I think the appeal is pretty clear when you strip away the individuals and just look at the concept. Politicians suck. They are only good at spending your money wastefully. A good businessman doesnít waste money and will show the politicians who never worked a day in their life how things are done in the real world. Itís a nice theory and plays to the inherent hatred of career politicians of any stripe. Of course it depends completely on the competence of the individual and also relies on them surrounding themselves with experienced people who actually know how government works. Iím not sure if itís any worse idea than picking someone with no executive experience or the mayor of a small city or many others that tried.

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