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Just in general terms, I'm not so sure that Bloomberg or Trump or anyone else mentioned really believes that being a successful business person means you are likely to be a successful president. They very well might believe that, but who knows? But maybe they make that case, just because that's what they happen to be. Just like Warren and Klobuchar have said a woman would make a good president. Now why on earth would they say that? FTR, I think it's high time a woman is elected president, and feminine qualities in general have been locked out for way too long from that office.

Now, I do think that certain qualities of successful business people as have already been mentioned have carry-over to the presidency. But since the most essential goal of a business is to make a profit, and since the United States is not a business, there is no reason to just glom onto a business person who is running primarily because his company got rich.

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