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Originally Posted by Buck Godot View Post
Besides the shitty corruptness, pointed out by guizot, the thing that distinguishes Trump from all other presidents is that not only was business his main background, but it was his sole background. All the other people on your list spent some time either as an elected official or a cabinet secretary before they were elected president. Trump is the first president we've had that has had absolutely no government experience prior to taking office, and it shows.

I'm hoping that Trump's time in office puts a stake in the heart of the notion that what we really need in Washington is an outsider who will run government like a business.
I share your hope, but I don't think it will come to pass. The outsider myth has been around as long as I've been voting -- before Perot there was a movement to draft Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca -- and I think it's probably hardwired into the democratic psyche.

People are predisposed to notice and fixate on things governement does badly (or that simply annoy them) and take for granted all the things government does competently or well. (Take roads: people curse the potholes and construction delays, but never appreciate the roads that are paved well, the working traffic signals, the abundant, well-placed signs and just the staggering availability of driveable roads that can take you virtually anywhere.) It's easy for the fixation on the bad government stuff to become a belief that anyone who works in government is incompetent and corrupt, so naturally an outsider looks better.
I'm not expecting any surprises.