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Originally Posted by Loach View Post
I donít agree with the Bushes or Carter being part of your ďmyth.Ē They were politicians and ran as politicians. Two governors and a Vice President canít pretend to not be politicians. Their other experience was background only. I would never think of any of them as primarily businessman.

- Carter served two terms as a Georgia State Senator, and a term as Governor of Georgia.

- GHW Bush served two terms in the House of Representatives, was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was chairman of the Republican National Committee, was chief of the U.S. Liason Office to the People's Republic of China (effectively serving as ambassador), was director of the CIA, and was Reagan's vice-president.

- GW Bush had run (unsuccesfully) for a U.S. House seat, was an advisor on his father's presidential campaigns, and won two terms as Governor of Texas (though he left that office midway through his second term when he was elected president).