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Originally Posted by cmkeller View Post

True in some ways, but there's considerable overlap. Politicians (especially of the executive sort) deal with budgets, income and expenses, effective allocation of resources, brokering alliances with other entities and/or deciding when such alliances are detrimental, hiring, firing, promoting and otherwise handling employees, and knowing when to delegate and when to take a personal hand in matters. Having a business background can't be too bad a thing to bring to an executive political office.
You could say the same thing about having a military background, or a union background, or a senior academic background, or a background in NGOs. I'd agree that yes, managing any sort of large, complex organization is valid experience for executive political office; I'd also say that of all of the possible organizations one could have experience in, experience in a commercial organization is the least relevant to politics, if only because unlike a business, a nation is, at its heart, a non-profit organization.

So elect more generals, more union bosses, more college presidents, more non-profit organizers, and maybe elect a few CEOs too.