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Watching (AP): The Hunters [Possible Spoilers]

Anybody watching "The Hunters" on Amazon Prime with Al Pacino?

I'm up to episode 3 and not quite sure what to make of the show. It's not bad. But it's not good either. Not Pacino's best work. His accent is slightly annoying. Like he didn't quite take the time to get it right. The rest of the cast of characters haven't quite jelled for me either. I understand they came together for a common goal of killing Nazis living in America, but why? What motivated them?

The comic book feel is slightly strange too. At any moment I expect to see Batman and Robin jump into the scene with, "BAM! POW! ZONK!" animation. Weird.

What is keeping me watching is the young blond Nazi psychopath, Travis Leich, played by Greg Austin. Thoroughly evil and creepy as hell: "...Peanut?" You want him to die horribly knowing exactly who kills him, but not too soon.
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