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Originally Posted by MEBuckner View Post
You could set up a "spamcatcher" e-mail address. Not necessarily a totally fake address--I don't know if campaign websites actually require you to verify your e-mail address the way other places do when you're creating an account--but it shouldn't be too hard to set up a free e-mail account and then use that when you're donating.
In the case of having to verify your email address, you can get email address specifically for that. They're only good for something like a few hours or a day, then they disappear.

For a case like this, I'd suggest setting up a spam account, using that along with a bs phone number. As soon as the election season is over and you're done with any donations, abandon the account..or use it for other similar things, where you just need an email to sign up for something (and verify your email account) but you're otherwise not interested in anything they'll send you.

I'd say use a fake house address to, but since I assume they need to track where the money came from, you might not be able to get away with that.