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Originally Posted by erysichthon View Post
You're worried about emails? When I donated to the Obama campaign, I got emails, postal mail, and phone calls. They were relentless! I don't recall giving them my email address or phone number, but they must have used a Jedi mind trick on me.
Once you give out any contact information, it will get spread around farther and faster than .... than .... well, than any novel virus. And with your info out there on a hundred mailing lists or more, you'll never be able to unsubscribe.

One will be well-advised to learn the story of Ms. Releasha Jones, reported a while back on this very message board!

Originally Posted by OneCentStamp View Post
Within six months, Releasha Jones was getting 15-20 calls a week. Within nine months, she was getting mail addressed to her. Catalogs. Flyers. Calendars. Mouse pads. Free samples of OTC pharmaceuticals. I left that company in June of 2010, and over a year later, she was still getting mail.