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Originally Posted by snowthx View Post
Can you just unsubscribe? If not, then maybe just snail-mail them a check with your donation (checks - remember those?). I suspect while there will be someone there to accept your donation and cash the check, they will no longer have the infrastructure to capture your mailing address, much less send you another envelope requesting more money, in this digital world.
Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Almost certainly wrong. Both political campaigns and anybody else I ever donated to still sends me snail mail.
However, there's a chance they haven't connected the street address and name to your email and phone number, so you might - emphasize might - not get emails and calls while you'll still get snail mail. And there is a person in the loop when you send a check so if they have the infrastructure to flag a person as "do not put on a sucker list" then they won't have an excuse not to do so.

If I give this season, it will be snail mail with a page-long letter begging them in large bolded fonts not to contact me again or distribute my information.