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Progressives: how should Biden talk to Obama/Trump voters?

Thereís an awful lot of discussion of how Biden ought to appeal to progressives who arenít into him. There are fair questions about how Biden should show that he wants their votes, maybe by some new policies and so on.

But thereís also quite a few Obama/Trump voters out there - probably more than the number of primary votes that Sanders got in 2016. They obviously arenít progressives.

It seems to me that the more progressive parts of the Democratic Party donít really believe that we win elections by trying to appeal to these voters. Instead, they think winning comes from turning non-voters into voters.

If I were Biden, Iíd look at these Obama/Trump voters, and see an entirely different rationale to win: addition by subtraction. Getting one of their votes means one less for Trump.

So letís say Biden adopts this strategy - do progressives hold it against him as being yet another example of the corporatist Democrat who is no different than a Republican? Do progressives see their support of a mainstream liberal like Biden as conditioned on beating the shit out of people who dared vote for Trump, to energize non-voters into action?