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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
So letís say Biden adopts this strategy - do progressives hold it against him as being yet another example of the corporatist Democrat who is no different than a Republican? Do progressives see their support of a mainstream liberal like Biden as conditioned on beating the shit out of people who dared vote for Trump, to energize non-voters into action?
While I haven't seen crosstabs to confirm, I suspect there is a big component of union household voters in midwest that fall in the Obama to Trump group. Clinton took it in the teeth with them in key midwest states. Mostly she saw double digit cuts into the normal margins and lost among them in Ohio. They typically have good turnout so decent chunk of the change may well have been an actual swing in votes.

Not everything that can be done to focus on their vote is progressive. They are not very progressive. Support for unions does play well with progressives though. There may well be some area to work in the overlap.