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This thread turned out to be about almost the opposite of what it was advertised to be. Both topics are interesting and worthy of discussion (and yes: Obama-Trump voters are most definitely a thing--interesting that this is not universally understood), but I'm going to steer back to the OP.

Biden needs to rhetorically commit to the general themes progressives like--combating global warming, making the 1% pay more taxes, reforming the criminal justice system, moving toward universal health coverage--but without getting boxed in by committing to Bernie's specific policy agenda. And yes, some on the left will sniff that out as being gauzy rhetoric without specifics, but it's a deadly trap to provide specifics your opponent can pick apart, when that opponent is just going to offer "stuff that's great" with no details and not pay much of a price. Sad but true: that's politics in America, folks.
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