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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
Biden needs to rhetorically commit to the general themes progressives like--combating global warming, making the 1% pay more taxes, reforming the criminal justice system, moving toward universal health coverage--but without getting boxed in by committing to Bernie's specific policy agenda. And yes, some on the left will sniff that out as being gauzy rhetoric without specifics, but it's a deadly trap to provide specifics your opponent can pick apart, when that opponent is just going to offer "stuff that's great" with no details and not pay much of a price. Sad but true: that's politics in America, folks.
Good points. I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other night, when he lamented that Sanders was not going to get the Democrat nomination. Notwithstanding the fact that we're both in Canada, which sits more closely with Sanders' policies, and we cannot vote in US elections, we Canadians have our views, thanks to the US news that spills across the border daily.

I disagreed with my friend--I said that Biden was the better choice. Mainly because he speaks in generalities, which reveal views that are not quite as radical as Sanders', and which might sit better with the undecideds. As I see things, this coming election is not really about the issues, as much as it is about a referendum on whether Americans want to keep Mr. Trump, and all his ignorance of the US constitution, ignorance of what "rule of law," really means, his cozying up to Russian/Saudi/North Korean dictators while dismissing the US's traditional foreign allies in free democracies, and--well, for lack of a better term, "wackiness"--in power; or whether they want to elect somebody who can restore some sense of normalcy to the American presidency, restore confidence in foreign military and trade allies, and reassure Americans that their government does indeed have all of their best interests in mind--not just the corporations and the one-percenters.

My friend and I agreed to disagree, but I stand by my argument: I believe that Biden does a better job at speaking in generalities, not making specific and unrealistic promises ("Free college!" etc.), and overall, making a Democrat president and Congress more palatable to Joe and Jane Undecided. If this coming election is indeed a referendum on Mr. Trump and all that he stand for, then it seems to me that Mr. Biden could present some formidable opposition.