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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
This thread turned out to be about almost the opposite of what it was advertised to be. Both topics are interesting and worthy of discussion (and yes: Obama-Trump voters are most definitely a thing--interesting that this is not universally understood), but I'm going to steer back to the OP.

Biden needs to rhetorically commit to the general themes progressives like--combating global warming, making the 1% pay more taxes, reforming the criminal justice system, moving toward universal health coverage--but without getting boxed in by committing to Bernie's specific policy agenda.
But those points are really efforts to appeal to progressives, arenít they? If the idea is to pitch progressive ideas to Obama/Trump voters, Iím not sure it broadens Bidenís appeal to them.

So, letís use a somewhat exaggerated example. Progressives want to hear that Biden will take private health insurance away from everyone. Those in the middle want everyone to get coverage, but they REALLY REALLY donít want their plans to be eliminated.

I think that progressives are going to be more sour than expected if Biden promises that Americans who like their doctor ó errr ó insurance will get to keep it. My opinion is that progressives see Obama/Trump voters with a great deal of contempt, and will see such outreach efforts as making deals with the devil. I think this was the main progressive criticism of Mayor Pete, who said he wanted to appeal to future ex-Republicans, but was criticized as being out-of-touch with how far gone Trump voters are.

Iím curious as to whether progressives on this board - Iím not singling our Bernie supporters to be clear - see the 2020 election in terms of ďpick a side, weíre at warĒ that includes not just being anti-Trump, but anti-Trump voter.