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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
I knew there had to be some process like this waiting in the wings. Senate Republicans and Trump are way too comfortable with being ghastly out in the open, no obvious fear of being run out of office in November. They flip the bird at us every single day. No politician does that unless they are confident they will stay where they are.
Or they could simply realize what the electorate that got Trump into office to begin with is like. :P

What I don’t get is why Congressional Republicans would WANT some kind of Trump dictatorship. Even if they’re in the “in group” now, surely they realize that they wouldn’t remain there for long, and that Trump would have no intention of rewarding or protecting such a group, especially when he doesn’t need them anymore. I can see them wanting for him to remain a duly elected President for as long as possible, but it seems to me they have little solid to gain and a lot to lose by keeping him in power beyond that. Same with the corporate donors who support them. Sure, there are probably a few dangerously naive politicians who think they’d be living the high life with President For Life Trump, but those with real authority? I’m a bit skeptical.

None of this is to say that Trump won’t try, of course. I’m just wondering what’s in it for the people who keep him in office because of the Supreme Court and their constituencies to help Trump make both of those irrelevant when they know he’s not going to give them jack for it.

By the way, there was another link that claimed that the Speaker of the House would become president if elections were postponed or canceled. The circumstance being talked about in the linked article doesn’t evoke the same thing, does it?