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Did they stop making those automatic water dispencer machines outside supermarkets?

Basically those vending machines usually outside supermarkets where you can put either your hard plastic 5 gallon water jug or a regular gallon jug underneath and refill it for about a quarter a gallon (at least recent prices I've seen) though some offer discounts if you fill a 5 gallon jug all at once for under a buck.

I noticed all my older supermarkets would have a bunch of those outside the place, but ever since those older grocery stores closed down and new ones moved in over the past decade I notice none of those new grocery stores have those machines. The only places I get find to refill my own 5 gallon jugs are the two old school grocery stores still near me.

Did new supermarkets basically axe those to force people to come in and buy their $1 a gallon water instead? Or did the manufacturers of those vending machines just stop making them?