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I'm a teacher and here is what I think. I do teach older kids(middle school), but much of this can be used. I don't think any of these require you to be an educator.

1. - Entirely free and has good grammar lessons. Goes down to very beginner all the way up to advanced.

2. Quizizz - A really fun, and entirely free, quiz game web site. Many pre-made quizzes on a wide range of subjects. I don't just use this as a game. I administer quizzes directly through it and it provides data back to me.

3. Newsela - Has a free and pay version, but they just upgraded all teachers to pro because of the virus. Even the free version has almost everything. Kids read current event articles that offer changeable reading levels. They then answer questions or write a response. They write each article at about 4 reading levels.

Those three sites should provide plenty of English(Quizizz does many subjects) practice for your kids. I use all three at work and have had excellent experience with all of them.