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Originally Posted by 2ManyTacos View Post
Seriously, with the pandemic crisis raging and the congressional bailout packages running a likely tab of multiple trillions of dollars, it is *inevitable* that the GOP will do an about-face on deficits the very second that Biden (or any other Democrat) becomes president. In order to preemptively ward off another round of 2010-era bullshit deficit hysteria, Biden should come out this second and assert that his administration will never care about the deficit as an issue. Hewing to a deficit-focused, belt-tightening POV will only result in the hamstringing of Biden's agenda and the clobbering of the Democrats in the '22 midterms, given that the public doesn't care about deficits and absolutely hates austerity.

An idea I'd like to see carried out is the reverse of Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge, whereby candidates and representatives would sign onto a document that pledges their fealty to ignoring deficits *as a principle.*
IMO, the democratic 'shellacking' that happened in 2010 was due to democrats not bothering to vote.

In 2008, 65 million people voted for democrats for house elections vs 52 million republicans.

In 2010, 39 million democrats showed up vs 45 million republicans.

So 26 million democrats stayed home vs 7 million republicans.

I don't know if its ever been proven why so many more democrats stayed home, but I would assume part of it was despondency at how inept the democrats are when given power. Yes they passed the stimulus and ACA which are both good. But for the most part they didn't use the power the voters gave them.
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