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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
^^ I am 100% serious. If you want to Pit, go ahead.

If one party is dedicated to running up debt/deficit (the GOP, as you say,) then we need a party dedicated to reducing debt/deficit. If both parties take an attitude of, "I refuse to scrimp and save just so my opponents can benefit," then we are doubly screwed as a nation.

A marriage in which one spouse is running up the credit cards and the other is tightening the belt, is already barely treading water financially; a marriage in which both insist on running up the credit cards is headed towards straight-up bankruptcy.

Obviously, the ideal thing would be for both parties to be financially responsible, not just one. But if one is bad, the other must be good, for the sake of the nation.
Sounds great in theory, but as soon as the responsible spouse starts trying to tighten the belt, the kids vote to hand the credit card to the other parent.