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Doc Brown's Plastic Surgery in Back to the Future Part II - joke?

I asked question in another thread and never got a response, so I will ask it here.

Powers said this in another thread:

Originally Posted by Powers View Post
Christopher Lloyd would have been 47 in 1985, yes, but Doc Brown would have been in his 70s by then. All the characters who appeared in both 1955 and 1985 -- George, Lorraine, Strickland, Doc, and Biff -- were played by actors appropriate for their 1955 ages and then aged up (well except maybe James Tolkan as Strickland) for their 1985 scenes.

In the sequel, one of the first things 77-year-old Doc does is strip off his aging mask (which Doc had used to hide his de-aging treatments from Marty) so that Lloyd could play him without makeup.

Powers &8^]
I responded like this:

Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. I thought the joke was that when he took the aging mask, he looked identical to how he looked before.

We laughed in the theater in 1989 thinking that was the joke and I have always thought that was the joke.

He...did look the same after he took off the "peel", didn't he? I thought Marty was being nice when he paused and said, "Yeah, ya' look great, Doc" or something like that.
Who is right? Wasn't the joke that Doc looked identical after he peeled the face-peel off?