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Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
For every show that makes it on the air, there are literally hundreds of pilots that are written, cast, and filmed, and don't make it.

I think some times the decision makers are not thinking in terms of what they like, but in terms of what they imagine some strawman audience would like. Much of the TV industry at the top is coastal urban educated upper-middle class people making shows for the rest of America, so you can imagine there is often a disconnect.

But as to your example of the marionette kung-fu fighter, well, that is just one aspect of show rather than the whole story. I can only imagine a late night creative session going off the rails - "What if they have a cat with laser beam eyes? Or OR OR a guy (giggle) who hangs by wires and uses kung fu moves to fight spaceships! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! No, really guys. We have to do that!"
On a slight tangent, there's a podcast called Dead Pilot's society, in which scripts that didn't make it to the pilot phase are read in front of an audience. There've been some that would have made entertaining shows. Episodes generally include interviews with the writers, and they'll often talk about the process and why certain shows get made and others don't.