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Good manners and common courtesy

Personal insults are not permitted in this forum. You can insult an artistic work, you can say what you'd like about an awful movie or poem or TV show or concert. Within reasonable limits, you can insult the artist/creator/writer. But you may not insult the posters.

This forum is about entertainment and arts, and there's rarely a "correct" answer. Multiple viewpoints about entertainment and art are to be expected. It should be possible to share your views, understand someone else's views, and disagree with someone else's views, without the need for personal insults.

Note that "insult" includes making guesses about the other poster's background, education, state of mind, etc. The personality of the other poster is not relevant to the discussion.

Violations of good manners and common courtesy constitute jerkhood, and are a bannable offense. If you must flame, go the forum called BBQ Pit and insult as you please.

Note, from the Rules for Posting on the Straight Dope Message Board, Post #10: There is a difference between an insult directed against a person and an insult against a large group. However, there's a fine line here, depending on timing, the nature of the group, and which comment came first.
LIKELY ACCEPTABLE: "Anyone who likes the music of Enema is soulless and lacks taste in music."
NOT ACCEPTABLE: "You like Enema's music? Then you're soulless and have no taste in music."

Special Case: If a member posts their own poem, for instance, or a link to a song they wrote, then the rule about "Not Insulting Posters" takes precedence over the permission to insult the writer. "Reasonable limits" for insulting the artist mean that if the artist is also the poster, no personal insults permitted. Again, it should be possible to be critical of a work without insulting the author personally.

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