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Please use descriptive titles

There are lots of threads, and most people don't have the time or inclination to read through every one to discover which ones they're most interested in. Please, when you start a thread, be sure the title you create is reasonably descriptive of the topic.

Bad title: "This is neat!"
Good title: "The new CD by Enya is neat!"

Bad title: "This ain't so bad..."
Good title: "This cabernet ain't so bad..."

Bad title: "What do you think?"
Good title: "What do you think about GONE WITH THE WIND?"

Bad title: "BtVS discussion"
Good title: "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER discussion"
Note - if you must use abbreviations for long titles, please be sure that the first post spells out the real title. You want to attract new readers who might not be familiar with the acronym.

OK, got it? Your cooperation is requested and required.

And yes, it is possible for people to see the first sentence of a thread by allowing the mouse to roam over the title and get a quick preview. But we really want the thread title alone to be sufficient guide.

And please, don't put spoilers in thread titles!
Bad title: "In Harry Potter and the Broomstick of Oz, Hermione is killed by a falling house"
... that's just not nice.

Finally, if you're dealing with a TV series, it's helpful to provide an episode number or episode title. The date the show airs may not be helpful, since we deal with people in different countries. And, please remember that we DO have lots of people in many countries. Dating conventions in much of the world is DD-MM-YY, while in the US it's MM-DD-YY. Please be considerate of posters in other countries, and use month abbreviations. Thus, "2/3" may be ambiguous, but "2 Mar" or "Feb 3" is clear to all, regardless of location.

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