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On resurrecting old threads

Each forum has its own rules. Generally speaking, the whole Straight Dope Message Board -- members and moderators -- don’t like resurrecting very old threads because the original posters may no longer be around to respond. How old is “very old”? As a guideline, more than six months old.

However, for example, in Cafe Society, there are times when new information or new ideas come to light, or a movie comes out on DVD, or a U.S. TV show is seen in the U.K., or even a new member wants to talk about something in an old thread. We sometimes call such things "zombie" threads.

So, we permit people to respond to old threads and to resurrect them, with some constraints:
  • Don’t resurrect an old thread unless you’ve really got something to add. Just putting an “I just heard this album, and I agree with you!” on a two-year old thread does not accomplish anything at all.
  • If you start a thread and get no (or few) responses, you may re-post to it once (ONCE!) to put it back on the front page. After that, let nature take its course. You may not continue to resurrect your own threads, hoping for a response THIS time.
    If you’re really starting a new discussion, but think that a reference to an old thread might be of interest, then start a new thread and provide a link to the old thread.

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