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Polls about art/entertainment: IMHO or Cafe Society?

There is some ambiguity about this. A poll about art/entertainment (according to the description forum) could go in the Cafe Society forum; on the other hand, the forum description for IMHO says all polls go there.

We're not going to try to resolve this ambiguity. Polls about arts/entertainment can go in either forum, there is still a limit. Polls in Cafe Society do still need to be about arts/entertainment: a poll about "What's your favorite color?" belongs in IMHO. No ambiguity there.

Please, for the convenience of your fellow readers:

(1) Don't overdo it.
(2) Don't be tedious or redundant. A game or poll now and again is one thing; the first one is interesting/unique. The tenth one is trite and boring. Eschew mediocrity.

Basically, this isn't a "Rule" as much as a "suggestion." The existing forum descriptions allow some ambiguity and that's OK.

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