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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
I was wondering about this myself, and I hope OP explains it. But let me try to take a stab it.
Well firstly it's not that I can't imagine reasons why being similar in some way might be advantageous. The point is simply that "The US is very different from Sweden!" or whatever, is not an argument in itself.
It has to be shown *what* is different and *why* that means the whole program becomes impossible.

I'm not sure that the examples you've given work particularly well though:

Don't you see that banning leaded petrol in a country of 100 million takes ten times the effort that it would take in a country of ten million? You'll need ten times as many painters for your "No leaded petrol sold here" signs, ten times as many inspectors to sniff the petrol for compliance, ten times as many prisons for the violators, and so on. Not to mention ten times as many lazy government bureaucrats.
And, all else being equal, you have ten times as many laborers around to do that work, ten times as many customers etc