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Originally Posted by Grim Render View Post
The US spends 3.3 % of GDP on defense. France spends 2.3 and the UK 1.8. Meanwhile, the US spends 18 % of GDP on healthcare while France spends 11 % and the UK 9%. So you know, I don't see how that extra 1 % of gdp on the military means you have to spend an extra 9 % on healthcare, or how saving it would somehow help.

Meanwhile, the European NATO forces has 1,5 million personnel. The vast majority professional. Russia has 750 000 about half conscripts. So I am not sure what the US would be protecting anyone from exactly.
That gives me an idea. Forget about supporting UHC in order to improve the lives of Americans. Sell it instead that if we cut the cost by say 4% GDP we'll have a lot of extra money to spend on shiny tanks and destroyers and planes.
"Reduce money for shots, increase money for shooting!"

They'll eat it right up.