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And yes, given that the boat and apparently all the equipment and provisions cost only $10,000 should have given them a clue that they were ill-equipped to sail around the world.
I'm not sailing around the world, I'm not even sailing a Sunfish in the local park where I could walk/wade to shore if something happened but I have no idea how much it would cost to sail around the world. I'm guessing ≈ $2m for electronics (GPS, EPIRB, comms/radios). After that I'm out of my element. Supposing I do want to sail around the world, how much should one budget?
I have no idea what it should cost to buy and properly equip a boat for a round-the-world trip. But I do know that $10,000 won't get you very much of a car. And that's probably enough for a boat that you mostly keep docked at the marina. But for something of this level, I assume you'll need a lot more equipment and a sturdier boat.