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54 turns in and I've added the island of Kyushu to my holdings. The Shoni clan put up a valiant fight, but ultimately paid the price for attacking me. My new 14-year-old Daimyo had a trial by fire; Now at age 19 he's got four stars. His strike force was very busy but spread thin. The war ended promptly after I landed a second fresh strike force on the other side of the island.

The most fun battle of that war was when I had 19-unit army defend a tiny fort (with ninja-sabotaged gates) from a horde of attackers. My 6 archer units were able line about 80% of the ramparts, but the enemy attacked from four different directions. My infantry and cavalry were just a huge overlapping mass in the middle ready to step in when attackers reached the ramparts. All of my archers ran out of arrows, so I actually had to send out a small cavalry sortie to take out that last enemy archer unit.

The campaign AI still has a fair bit of the Empire/Napoleon silliness. The Shoni navy definitely outclassed mine. They managed to keep my main port blockaded for over a year (totally crippling my economy), but they didn't attack any of my undefended trading posts in their back yard. They also had that tendency to send their forces around the countryside in groups of one to three.

I noticed that up north, Fukushima has been a major battleground. It changed hands four times in maybe two years. Eventually a new rebel clan arose to take control of it. I couldn't help but think, "Man, Fukushima just can't catch a break."