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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
I would say that "reading a comment about my dick size and assuming it applies to a different topic" is simple illiteracy, myself. Also, yeah, obdurism isn't a word. Did you mean something with a root word of obstinate? Which all good scientists should be : you do have to assume basic laws of physics are correct or you're not going to get anywhere, and ignore anyone like Darren Garrison who says otherwise.
Lol. Well, let's note for the record that you brought up your dick size and how often you get to use it (or not). What did you expect?

And this is English, the biggest whore of a language there ever was. It is quite kosher to both steal and make up words, amirite?

[Oh, and the root word you're struggling to come up with is "obdurate".]

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