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There was nothing “nice” about what you did.

What would have been nice would have been to say, “hey, I have some free time this Saturday, I’d be happy to take care of your lawn.” Then if she said yes, asked her directly for her address.


You took away her freedom of choice. Her lawn. Her decision. She may have appreciated help, but an offer would have left her the option of declining.

You altered her property without her permission. She didn’t agree to have her grass mowed and had no opportunity to tell you if there was anything you needed to know before you did it.

You trespassed. This is a crime. You weren’t invited. You weren’t there for legitimate business purposes. You weren’t just running into her yard for a second to retrieve an errant ball. An unmowed lawn does not constitute an emergency. And you certainly weren’t there by accident.

You invaded her privacy. She never told you her last name or where she lived. The fact that you were able to obtain that information anyway doesn’t mean she wanted you to have it. She has no choice about appearing in the tax records, and the purpose of those tax records is not to give you a way to bypass a woman’s right to choose who she wants to have over to her home.

You already knew that looking for peoples’ personal information in tax records is over the line, and you chose to do it anyway. Even worse, you chose to ACT on that knowledge and show up at this poor woman’s house. How on earth did you think this was okay?

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