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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
"Easiest to date"?

Out of genuine curiosity, what the fuck? How is it hard to date a woman who you can look in the eye?

I mean, yes, I get that there's a vague societal notion in a couple the man should be taller than the woman. Vague. But (like all the other stuff in these studies), that's just a trend thing, and there are numerous actualized counterexamples. Being a somewhat short man is not a death knell, no matter how much Incels want something other themselves that they can blame for their problems.
I mean there was the most instant attraction from the girl. Her playing with her hair, batting her lashes, rocking back and forth, making innuendo. Have you never noticed any types of trends about the girls who like you most?

I don't think anecdotes outweigh statistics. One of the girls who loved me most was around my height and I once had a girl much taller than me "fall in love with me" (told everyone this) but I never ended up dating her for other reasons.

Anecdotes and outliers don't change or invalidate the data.