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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
I don't 'prowl'.

The three women I've dated were all shorter than me, but that's probably just because I'm moderately tall, at 6'1" - that's seven inches taller than the american female average height.

Are you, perhaps, somewhat tall too? Maybe most of the females that reciprocated your attentions were shorter than you because most of the females you met were shorter than you.

They sure as fuck invalidate the Incel worldview, though. The Incel worldview is that the deck is so stacked against them that they have no chance. Even one single counterexample blows their beliefs to shreds.

They pretend this is false, and keep citing data that manifestly, explicity, and comletely doesn't support their conclusions of doom, because a bitter inferiority complex doesn't work if you're not doomed.
I'm not tall at all. You're lucky for that height you have. So when I say they were 6-8" shorter than me, they were pretty short girls. That I can recall, I've never had that kind of instant attraction from girls closer to my height. But again, that's just personal experience. I think science > personal experience. In this case, it just happens the science seems to match my experience.

If there's any one thing I believe it's that there are no absolutes in life. Science for example is not about absolutes. It's about probabilities. Even scientific conclusions are typically stated with a P value meant to signal the probability that the conclusion the data draws is valid.

On the other hand, what is or isn't "hopeless" is entirely subjective. I can't comment on one person's threshold for hopelessness vs. another's, because that likely depends on their entire lifetime of experience. Almost certainly, if you've spent your whole life getting bullied, rejected, isolated, say due to autism or some other incurable problem, and then you try online dating and only get ignored and no matches, you're going to have a lower threshold to declare it "hopeless" and give up than someone who had a great upbringing and happy life up to that point.

I can certainly say hopelessness is not a pleasant feeling and if the current culture is leading more and more young isolated men to feel hopeless that is likely not ideal for those men or society as a whole.

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