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Cocaine has gone in and out of fashion over the last century.

It was big after World War One and through the 1920s, and was later supplanted in the 40s and 50s by Benzedrine and other chemical stimulants. Came zooming back in in the mid-70s and throughout the 80s, when I enjoyed it in copious amounts, along with most well-off white NYers.

A lady dealer friend would drop over and we’d toot up, roll the ends of our cigarettes in the leavings and smoke it, drink Bourbon whiskey and play cribbage. We were such deviants!

Quit cold turkey in 1990, when my first child was born. The contemporary attraction seemed to decline after that, or maybe the media focused on crack use rather than powdered coke.

I know nothing of meth. Always considered it to be a cracker drug for people whose teeth fall out and think spiders are crawling all over them.