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Originally Posted by Freddy the Pig View Post
They can say that he wasn't legally designated, because the process was sullied by bribery. Similar cases have arisen before, when legislative elections of Senators were tainted by bribery, or when popular elections have been marred by fraud or intimidation.

This isn't comparable to Powell v. MacCormack, in which the House raised objections only to Powell himself, rather than to the circumstances of his election.
But AFAIK there's no evidence or even allegation of anything shady in the appointment of Burris. There was lots of evidence that Blago tried to sell the seat, but he had no buyers and, of course, after the arrest nobody would go near him with any type of quid pro quo. If evidence is adduced about Burris doing something to get the seat, that's another matter, sure. But I can't imagine such evidence exists, because the whole point of the appointment seems to have been a legal strategy to fight the charges by making the appointment as it ultimately happened completely above board.