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What strategy? It didn't prevent Neil Gorsuch from getting put into the court, although it did for Merrick Garland...but at that point of the nomination (it was 2016, bad timing considering the election and at that time, Republicans held the Senate. Merrick had no chance.)

I estimate that if they try the same strategy they did for Gorsuch in 2017 for Ginsburg's future replacement, especially as the mid-term elections of 2018 come walking in, the democrats might lose some seats and be further labeled as obstructionists. People can resist bull for so long before someone gets fed up, and hence why Donald Trump was elected- people had enough of the system.

Considering the outlook for 2020 (if liberals keep on with their current policy of resist and refusal of collaboration and unity), liberals better hope Ginsburg lasts for the next 8 years, cause the executive branch will remain red until then.

Either way, the court is likely to get more conservative by that time cause I have my doubts she'll keep working for the next 8 years. At best maybe 4 years, but I wouldn't be working if I'm 88 years old.

At worse case, she'll pass away before the 2018 elections and then there's nothing Democrats can do. Especially if it can be used to harm Democrats during the 2018 elections.

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