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There's really nothing Democrats can do except to start winning some elections, and I'm resigning (mentally bracing) myself for the prospect that Democrats might end up losing rigged elections for the next decade, no matter how bad the optics get for Republicans.

If there's a strategy, it's to start rebuilding the party from the bottom up. I've recently thought that perhaps the Democrats ought to find a few places in the Heartland where they might be able to use a left-leaning majority to work with right moderates and centrists to radically innovate politics and then use it as an example for others to follow. For instance, maybe ditch the idea of $15 minimum wages, which is really the radical left's way of trying to punch the wealthy class in the face, and instead experiment with a combination of economic strategies that would be consistent with progressive values while not being abhorrent to the right either.

But this whole notion that Democrats are going to come back to power and gain momentum in the courts by impeaching Trump or just making him look bad is just more of Democrats being out of touch with reality. Attempts at obstruction would only serve to polarize, which is really what Trump and the GOP extremists want. They actually want polarization. They want controversy. It gets their names out there on TV or in Google, and it inspires the base.