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Originally Posted by Silver lining View Post
Oh, I think Trump will at least get TWO total appointments before 2020. And if he wins re-election, he might get as many a FOUR Supreme Court people in there.

Ginsberg has had some major health issues and people who have had major illness before tend to age in dog years in their mid-80's.

The ones who made it to their mid 80's with no major surgeries or hospitalizations are the ones that tend to live a bit longer.

But the real story is this. 2018 looks like a giant red wave in the Senate. This is the group that confirms supreme court nominations.

Dem's will lose seats in the 2018 mid term elections...the math and geography say so. Dem's must defend more seats and have some red state seats to defend.
I think opposition to Trump will drive Democrats out to vote. The states where Dems are most vulnerable are swing states, and Trump's popularity has declined in these areas while the anti-Trump sentiments have ticked up. I would agree, however, that talk of a blue wave, as some armchair pundits have suggested, is also not likely to happen. As you correctly pointed out, Dems are the ones defending their territory this time. If any chamber is up for grabs it won't be the Senate. The House just might be in play, but that's hardly a given at this point. I'd be satisfied with Dems picking up enough seats to be able to occasionally block Republicans in the House.