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Originally Posted by Banksiaman View Post
Out of interest, Pilot People, if you were flying at say 15,000 feet what sort of gliding distances would you expect a single engine aircraft to offer you?

Are suitable paddocks marked on maps or is it a case of remembering that one summer you drove past a nice big wide field just to the left of the sheer moutain range ...?

Or calling Rex Kramer.

My own aircraft has a realistic engine off Glide Ratio of about 8:1, I.e for every 1 unit of height lost, I travel 8 units forwards.

15,000ft however is pretty high for a regular light aircraft. I've been up to 12,000 a couple of times, but aircraft performance was pretty marginal by then.... And I was getting cold!

No, suitable "emergency" landing sites are not marked on maps (unless they're an actual airfield obviously).