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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
Specifically, it's defined as two types: the "real" one (the Guard) and the imaginary one (the unorganized thing).

And the standard response to that common claim is that, if they didn't intend it to guide the understanding of its meaning, why did they even put it in?
The national Gd is no longer in any way shape or form a Militia.

and calling the "unorganized militia" = "Imaginary" is like calling the Moon Walk a hoax. The Unorganized a militia is part of US Federal Law, liek it or now. Putting your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes wont make it not there.

Because the "no standing army" faction wanted a mention of a militia. The first wording didnt mention a militia at all. The militia part was put in to make the "no standing army" faction happy instead of them adding a additional amendment.

We have been over this several times.