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I had my 14-month-old daughter with me for a long weekend (she was just starting to talk, but was normally very, very quiet).

I carried her into the kitchen on Friday morning, only to find that the fridge had shut itself off during the night and the floor was flooded with melted ice water. Very loudly, I said "Goddammit!"

Sunday afternoon, I took her back to her mom's after attending church. We were sitting in the living room chatting while she ran around playing. Finally, she took a huge leap through the air and shouted "GODDAMMIT!"

Loudly, with absolutely perfect diction and intonation. You'd have sworn there was another adult in the room.

I was shocked (open-mouthed); her mom thought it was really funny and couldn't stop laughing.

The baby laughed too, though she wasn't quite sure why she should. I think she was proud of herself for having learned a new word.

I can't help thinking it would have been 1,000 times funnier if she had shouted it in church....

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