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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
But those who believe in the right to bear arms constantly reiterate:
a) that simply allowing people to carry guns does not increase danger, because law-abiding citizens with guns do not constitute a threat and are not going to shoot cops,


b) that banning guns won't help, because the criminals won't obey the law, and therefore will still have guns.
Both of these things are true, precisely because a law-abiding citizen remains so until they commit the unlawful act of shooting someone. It therefore follows that they are law-abiding citizens until they are not.

In my experience police officers are not particularly worried about being shot, but my experience is that of a white male with no history of violence. I grant that they might respond differently to other people they might suspect of being violent, and they suffer from the same biases as anyone else.

It's that bias we need to work on, and I wouldn't even know where to begin.