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Originally Posted by LSLGuy View Post

Yeah, he's got some really bad social skillz. And self-reported weight, body image, and food addiction problems. If he can learn to learn from the various grown-ups he might grow up to be worthwhile. If not; not.
I always admire people for trying not to judge people too quickly and also take in the context of a whole person, but SamuelA is very aggressive in his behavior and very quick to hurl all sorts of insults and cast disparaging remarks at other people.

I'm actually getting very tired of people labeling everything as bad social skills with the implication that the problem is that someone is just awkward and doesn't pick up on social nuances. Those people deserve sympathy and understanding, aggressive assholes ready to tear into other people do not. And I don't really care about what other issues he has, most people have issues - people with more abusive personality types just use these various things to try to get a pass for their behavior.
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