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Just being a democrat isn't what "we" want. Having progressive and further left dems is what we want. If you're satisfied with the likes of nancy pelosi and accept people like joe manchin then you aren't apart of solution you're part of the problem. You might as well go vote for some corporate welfare queen republican if you're satisfied with having corporatist shills in leadership of the democrat party. An overwhelming majority of Americans want to get money out of politics, yet people like pelosi literally brag and make their claim to fame their ability to raise money.

We did good this time, but it's not enough. We need to push the dems further left to balance out the shitfest republicans and moderate democrats have caused.

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We don't live in a Democracy, so it's a loss that people are still thinking that we do and should.
We live in a plutocracy. The ultimate fate of any capitalist society trying to hold a democratic government.

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