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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post

I'm surprised gop turnout was so high.
You can thank Kavanaugh for that.

Ah well. We did win the house but due to gerrymandering we will probably lose it in a few years. But at least we'll get some investigations.
If the Democrats squander the next two years on investigating instead of legislating, 2020 is going to be a disaster for them. I have no zero doubt about that.

This is standard run-of-the-mill churn, nothing more. It certainly wasn't a censure for Trump. I strongly believe that if Trump hadn't done his blitz at the last bit, this would have been a much worse night for Republicans. The more Trumpy candidates won for the most part, and the less Trumpy candidates lost. Trump has as much political capital as ever. Keep going after Trump at your peril, and you better hope, God forbid, that the economy crashes over the next two years.

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