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Originally Posted by Akaj View Post
The oft-unspoken flip side of "personal responsibility" is "freedom from responsibility to the community." As in, "I've got myself covered, and the rest of you should, too, so don't come crying to me when you need something."

One anecdotal example: A few years ago we had a prolonged heat wave that strained regional power capacity. Brownouts happened. The power company and local authorities urged people to raise their thermostats a degree or two. I'll never forget a staunchly Republican friend of mine saying, "Screw that. I'm not raising my thermostat. I pay my bills so I can keep my house as cool as I want."
Even personal responsibility as espoused by conservatives is strongly linked to limited government.

If you fail to do something that could have prevented something, it is then not the fault of the government and/or the community to do it for you.

With that said, I do believe in a social and governmental safety net but not at the cost of absolving the personal responsibility of the parties in question.

Hurricanes etc, insurance covered the house, infrastructure damage, government has that. What else is missing? If you are personally responsible for your status in life, your financial and social mores are on YOU. The fact that this may affect racial classifications differently is the fault of whom?