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I only care about winning the election. Anything on top of winning the White House is sprinkles on the frosting. Look at Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Therein lies the acid test. I know Joe Biden will win Pennsylvania. I'm not sure if Warren can. I like Joe's chances in MI and WI more than I like Warren's. When Wall Street Democrats say they'll support Donnie Two Scoops over Warren, that makes me nervous. I don't care how feisty Warren would be in dealing with McConnell, I only care if there would be a Democrat fighting with him. And I'm not sure it makes a difference which Democrat. Moscow Mitch can only be dealt with in two ways- make him minority leader or take away his seat. Sure, we need to elect women presidents and gay presidents. But not this time. This time we play the safest hand we have, and that's Joe Biden. Biden is like two pair in the hand and we can either get a full house or at worst two pairs with our draw. Warren is like an inside 6 high straight flush. Great if the draw is lucky, otherwise not so much.
I'm on record saying that Biden may not be the candidate we want, but he is the candidate we need. I said this around the time he announced he was running. I've since wavered as I watched the Dem candidate field be whittled down to the top 5 most likely primary winners. I like almost everybody in the top 5 better than Biden. Even as I'm starting to think Bernie is about as unattractive as Biden at this point (not because of his policies, mind you). My ideal ticket would be Warren/Buttigieg. But if Biden comes out on top of the primary, then Biden for President it is.
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