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I do believe Biden if nominated stands best to beat Trump purely because he's smart enough (pragmatic) to have not chased the Sanders-left. Independents and swing state voters just by looking at the data we have are more likely to go to Biden.

He has the moderate wing of the party locked up to now because other realistic alternatives like Harris or Beto instead of holding the middle at the start thought going left was the way to go but later pivoted to the middle. That's bad optics as it seems flip-flopping. Buttigieg actually has been consistent but he's got the question of inexperience and rightly or wrongly whether America is ready for a gay president. Klobuchar was someone I had optimism for but it's fair to say she's yet to get going.

My worry about a Biden presidency is in 2024 he runs for re-election as a weak incumbent. In 2020 the goal is to beat Trump and he can build the coalition to do that but in 2024 whoever is the democratic incumbent president has to run on their record. In four years he probably will be too liberal for the Never Trump voters who will jump back to the GOP to rally behind Nikki Haley and too conservative for the younger, louder voices of his own party. I don't think "The Squad" will be happy with President Biden.