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Spidey, have fun freezing.

shady, nellie, I didn't have quite as much trouble, being a retired government worker I kept my Blue Cross (Basic) plan to back up Medicare. It's not all that more expensive than any of the Advantage plans out there, and if I drop it I can't go back and get it later. But like you, I'm happy not to get any more mailers or phone calls about it.

Nettie, glad the party went well for DH and you; both of you take a day off (as much as parents can....)

Sunny, adopting a blind (and abused it appears) dog--you are truly good people (which makes me wonder why you associate with us reprobates...)

Sari, 52F here...just sayin'...

Nothing much on the schedule today, which is good since I got up at about 6:15am and nappage is likely this afternoon. Everybody enjoy the say now, y'hear?